When Soulmates Unite 



"You’re witty and pure in your reflection of emotion and thoughts, and your style is so natural, it’s as though we’re sitting with a cup of tea, sharing time and the connection that tends to build after years of friendship.”

Review from When Soulmates Unite



My name is Christina Renée, and I'll be your teacher, your leader, your guide, and your biggest believer on this journey. 

I am the author of When Soulmates Unite - Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most. I am also a teacher, a survivor, an intuitive, an empath, a visionary and I teach through a combination of knowledge, skill, vulnerability, active listening, humor, storytelling, intuitive feeling -- and always from a place of unconditional and inspired love. 

I am a healer by nature, by nurture and by pleasure.  

I'm also an explorer of life, self, pain, joy and purpose and I am here to teach others that our pain is purposeful, our lives matter, we matter and that we are not alone — we are powerful, believed in and loved beyond measure. 

As a mother, a faith-filled dreamer and a powerful believer I work with my students to uncover and unwrap the gift of their own human (and super human!) potential found mainly in rediscovering their own beauty, their own light, their own capacity to love themselves and others without conditions and stay connected to the love, even when feeling lost or afraid. 

I believe that pain and love co-exist to heal us. 

I hope you'll join us. :)

Christina Renee Joubert
Christina Renee Joubert

“Finding true self is not something many people have attained. Your love and desire to share your path with others so that they, too, may experience this evolution is truly a remarkable gift.” Review from When Soulmates Unite 


12 weeks, 3 courses, broken down as follows:  

Three weeks of instruction/discussion/coursework, followed by one week of meditation, integration, ascension, healing and preparation for the next week’s “new course”.

Course 1: When Soulmates Unite: The Purpose of the Soulmate, How to Recognize Your Soulmate, How To Be Ready When A New Soulmate Arrives (Preparation) 3 weeks learning, 1 week of healing and integration 

Course 2: When Soulmates Unite: Opening to the Lessons/Gifts, Opening to the Love & the Pain, Healing the Wounded Heart & Opening the Closed Mind 3 weeks learning, 1 week healing and integration  

Course 3: When Soulmates Unite: The Ascension of the Soul, Reconnecting to a Meaning-filled Life, Reconnecting to Love, Reconnecting to Miracles All Around, Reconnecting to Happiness, Wholeness, Purpose, LIFE & LOVE -- Inviting in the Kind of Life & Love You Want to Experience 3 weeks learning, 1 week healing and integration  

BONUS: YEAR END Energy healing, clearing and preparation for the New Year (if seat reserved before 12/15/17).

FREE ADDITIONAL COURSE: When Soulmates Unite: Our Children As Our Soulmates — Learning from the Lessons are Children Are Brought Forth to Teach Us & the Wounds They are Here to Heal Within Us


  • Early bird pricing until 11:59pm Pacific on November 11, 2017
  • Copy of When Soulmates Unite - Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most 
  • Frameable 5x7 print of original artwork created by Cody Hooper, American Abstract Artist, exclusively for the cover of When Soulmates Unite - Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most
  • When Soulmates Unite: Creative Connections, a course workbook designed to compliment your personal explorations of Self, purpose, joy and pain 
  • Three, LIVE, group Q&A sessions with Christina Renée and her team of spiritual advisors -- ask your questions, get direct, instant, LIVE feedback
  • Exclusive access to our private FaceBook group 
  • Weekly meditations to connect, ground, ascend, integrate, heal 
  • A tribe of people all searching for meaning, searching for "more" and ready to be a part of the change they want to experience in their lives and the world
  • A village of Lightworkers who are ready to step up and heal themselves so that we can heal one another
  • Special access to two, LIVE global healings where you can invite your friends, family and entire tribe to join LIVE 


  • An ability to instantly recognize your soulmates when they arrive, even if they look/feel different than you had dreamed/expected
  • The ability to be open to the lessons your soulmates are here to teach you and be open to the love they are here to foster within you
  • You'll begin engaging all aspects of living with a new, more aware, sense of gratitude and living through 'Abundance Consciousness'.  
  • Being grateful for EVERY moment! Living with gratitude as our guide is a powerful, inspiring and empowering way to live. I'll teach you how to find it in every kind of experience and stay connected it.  
  • Tips and tricks for attracting the kind of love you want to experience and/or developing a greater appreciation for the love that's already there 
  • Raising your vibration, your personal energetic frequency (which allows you to attract different, more enlightened people/energies to you) 
  • Expanding awareness of self 
  • Better understanding of your purpose  
  • A deeper, more profound gratitude for pain, the purpose of pain 
  • Becoming a stronger part of healing humanity by healing self 
  • Becoming a stronger part of the change you want to see in the world 
  • Learning ways to 'Be The Change' by integrating how you think and what you believe, into what you do and how you move through the world 
  • A deeper connection to the people in your lives 
  • A better understanding of why your life is what/how it is and how the gift of your pain can give you the personal power to heal yourself and live the life you want to live, have the relationships you want to have and be aligned in thought and deed
  • A more meaningful connection to self, life, nature, neighbors, nurture, humanity and purpose
  • Attracting in the kind of souls you want to share your life with and learning to feel safe and at peace with letting go of the experiences and people that no longer serve you

“What courage you show in sharing all of yourself, not just those parts that we typically want people to see. Clearly, you have a knack for revealing all of yourself, which is the path for finding ourselves and lighting the way for others.” Review from When Soulmates Unite 


when soulmates unite

  • Participate in the program on any device from wherever you are.
  • Join group live video calls, complete interactive activities, and engage with other participants in our online group.
  • Exclusive access to Christina Renee Joubert and her spiritual advisors

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